Past Events

  • Election Day

    Election Day

    LSPOR Lebanon Chapter General Assembly met and elected its board for the period of 2023-2025

  • LSPOR Annual Meeting 2022

    LSPOR Annual Meeting 2022

    LSPOR Lebanon Chapter Annual Meeting 2022: Funding Healthcare

  • General assembly

    General assembly

    LSPOR members held a general assembly

  • Health Policy Towards a healthy tomorrow

    Health Policy Towards a healthy tomorrow

    Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace Hotel
    Sin El Fil, Lebanon

  • LSPOR Annual Meeting 2019

    LSPOR Annual Meeting 2019

    The meeting theme was about Pricing and Reimburs
    -ement of Pharmaceuticals. It was a great opportunity for key stakeholders, reimbursement bodies and governmental sector to share their challenges been encountered with the current innovative therapies and new technologies from pricing and reimbursement perspective. Active participation and sharing proposals was wonderful, as usual, from all stakeholders.

  • LSPOR Annual Meeting 2018

    LSPOR Annual Meeting 2018

    LSPOR Lebanon Chapter Annual Meeting 2018: HTA: The Assessment of Value