• Health Technology Assessment and Managed Entry Agreements

    Health Technology Assessment and Managed Entry Agreements

    Health: is an interdisciplinary journal that engages with and interrogates health and healthcare from the perspectives of the social sciences and the humanities. Focusing on critique of norms and power relationships, the journal provides an international forum for articles reporting on original research, theoretical pieces and review essays from around the world. It offers the breadth of outlook required by sociologists, social psychologists, social and cultural theorists and others who are addressing healthcare issues that cross disciplinary boundaries. "Health: is at the cutting edge of research into the social and cultural aspects of health, illness and medicine. The journal has established a strong reputation for featuring articles that effectively combine empirical research with theoretical insights. I know of no other health-oriented journal that so consistently publishes these kind of articles from across the spectrum of the social sciences. It's a must to read for anyone interested in the socio-cultural underpinnings of experiences of health, illness and health care." Deborah Lupton, Professor of Sociology and Cultural Studies, Charles Sturt University, Australia. "Health: publishes some of the most innovative and lively articles in the social sciences of health. The journal makes a unique contribution to the field." Professor Peter Conrad, Brandeis University, USA The conference also gathered experts in the HTA field who discussed its impact on healthcare financial resources, the HTA practice in Tunisia and Lebanon and the role of HTAs in MEA schemes development with examples from the United States. The webinar was a success with important facts and studies being shared by experts to better explore the field of MEAs and the use of innovative therapies to improve patient access and accommodate costs in the region